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dc.provenanceComisión de Investigaciones Científicas-
dc.contributorChilla, Juan L. A.-
dc.contributorPernas, P. L.-
dc.contributorMartinez, Oscar E.-
dc.contributorTocho, Jorge Omar-
dc.creatorChilla, Juan L. A.-
dc.creatorPernas, P. L.-
dc.creatorMartinez, Oscar E.-
dc.creatorTocho, Jorge Omar-
dc.descriptionWe introduce a new stability criterion that should be added to previous theoretical models of passive mode locked lasers in order to predict emission wavelength, which is to require that the pulse spectrum reproduces itself after one transit. The CPM laser consisting of rhodamine 6G as gain medium and DODCI as saturable absorber is studied. The relative population balance of the fundamental and photoisoner species of the DODCI are computed as a function of the pulse energy and wavelength. The necessity of a spectral stability criterion follows from the dependence of the gain profile on the pulse parameters. Use of the criterion is shown to agree with previous experimental results, such as the red spectral region of emission and dependence of emission wavelength on absorber concentration. This criterion is expected to be an useful tool in order to select other dye combinations and predict the laser behavior. Parameters that determine the wavelength of a passive mode-locked dye laser.-
dc.formatp. 305-310-
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International (BY 4.0)-
dc.sourcereponame:CIC Digital (CICBA)-
dc.sourceinstname:Comisión de Investigaciones Científicas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires-
dc.subjectCiencias Físicas-
dc.titleParameters that determine the wavelength of a passive mode-locked dye laser-
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