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dc.provenanceComisión de Investigaciones Científicas-
dc.contributorMartínez Matos, Oscar-
dc.contributorTorchia, Gustavo Adrián-
dc.contributorBilmes, Gabriel Mario-
dc.contributorTocho, Jorge Omar-
dc.contributorRanea Sandoval, Ignacio-
dc.creatorMartínez Matos, Oscar-
dc.creatorTorchia, Gustavo Adrián-
dc.creatorBilmes, Gabriel Mario-
dc.creatorTocho, Jorge Omar-
dc.creatorRanea Sandoval, Ignacio-
dc.descriptionThe origin of the acoustic signals that are generated in the bulk of a KDP crystal during irradiation with short UV laser pulses is determined. The generation of these signals by excitation with moderate or high optical fluences is linked to the evolution of the population of point defects that is generated in the crystal by absorption of two UV photons. These defects are bleached due to their efficient linear absorption of UV radiation, and their non-radiative relaxation is shown to be the origin of the acoustic signals. The rate constants for the different processes involved in both the linear and the non-linear interactions were determined from the experiments presented here. Characteristic values for the quantum efficiency for the generation of defects, $latex η_{F} = 0.95 ± 0.05$, and for the quantum efficiency for bleaching of defects, $latexη_{B} = 0.065 ± 0.005$, were obtained for 266-nm laser radiation. The model developed for the intensity of the acoustic signals reproduces the experimental facts with very good accuracy.-
dc.formatp. 535-539-
dc.publisherCentro de Investigaciones Ópticas (CIOP)-
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International (BY 4.0)-
dc.sourcereponame:CIC Digital (CICBA)-
dc.sourceinstname:Comisión de Investigaciones Científicas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires-
dc.subjectCiencias Físicas-
dc.titleOn the origin of the acoustic signals generated in KDP by pulsed UV laser excitation-
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