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4-jul-20171/3D modeling of the core coolant circuit of a PHWR nuclear power plantCorzo, Santiago Francisco; Ramajo, Damian Enrique; Nigro, Norberto Marcelo-
-3D modeling of the primary circuit in the reactor pressure vessel of a PHWRRamajo, Damian Enrique; Corzo, Santiago Francisco; Schiliuk, Nicolás; Nigro, Norberto Marcelo-
may-2014Evaluating the performance of the particle finite element method in parallel architecturesGimenez, Juan Marcelo; Nigro, Norberto Marcelo; Idelsohn, Sergio Rodolfo-
5-ene-2012gdbOF: A Debugging Tool for OpenFOAMMarquez Damian, Santiago; Gimenez, Juan Marcelo; Nigro, Norberto Marcelo-
sep-2016High-Rayleigh heat transfer flow: Thermal stratification analysis and assessment of Boussinesq approachCorzo, Santiago Francisco; Ramajo, Damian Enrique; Nigro, Norberto MarceloCONICET
jun-2011In-cylinder flow control in a 4-valve spark ignition engine: numerical and experimental steady rig testsRamajo, Damian Enrique; Zanotti, Angel Luis; Nigro, Norberto MarceloCONICET
abr-2017On the stability analysis of the PISO algorithm on collocated gridsVenier, César Martín; Pairetti, César Ignacio; Marquez Damian, Santiago; Nigro, Norberto Marcelo-
ago-2012Residence Time Distribution Determination of a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor using Computational Fluid Dynamics and its Application on the Mathematical Modeling of Styrene PolymerizationGamba, Ignacio Luis; Marquez Damian, Santiago; Estenoz, Diana Alejandra; Storti, Mario Alberto; Nigro, Norberto Marcelo; Knoeppel, David-
-Thermal hydraulics simulation of the RD-14M steam generator facilityCorzo, Santiago Francisco; Godino, Dario Martin; Nigro, Norberto Marcelo; Ramajo, Damian Enrique-